A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

"Delicous Rebirth" is a simple, 1 level, platformer game made for the  Extra Credits Game Jam #3, with the theme Cycles.

As a result,  the game has a day-night cycle, while the playable charcter also phases through several cycles of its own.

The game ends when you collect all the flying happy kittens!

(Note 1: it was made using the Godot 3 engine, and it is released under the Gnu license. You can view the code here: https://github.com/GodRabbit/DeliciousRebirth)

(Note 2: The linux version wasn't tested thoroughly, if there is any problem contact me here and ill try my best to fix it)

Install instructions

Open the .rar file or extract it and open the .exe file (for windows) or the .x84_64 (for the linux version)


DeliciousRebirth0.1.1.rar 9 MB
DeliciousRebirth0.1.1_linux.rar 10 MB

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